When you feel something in your life, go for it, search and you will know beautiful it taste...
The need to create beauty has been in me from an early age. I remember that already as a small boy I sat under an old chestnut, gouging in the bark. My father saw in me my fascination with wood and that's how it started ... And today, extracting from its wood its natural beauty, searching for and creating unique works is the focus of my work. Each work requires an individual approach, it is a unique and unforgettable chapter of my life. My work is for you beautiful objects that you will be surrounded every day and for me it's a showcase of my own abilities and commitment to my work, the fruits of which are works of the author, as well as replicas of antique furniture. In my studio I also conduct conservation of monuments and works of art, restoring their original appearance.

Welcome to my gallery

Luke Duliński